My Handmade Closet


Black Safran Jeans

Blue Alder Top

Gray Bows Southport

Flamingo Halter Tie Neck

Striped Sureau

Blue Hearts Knit Dress


Yellow Bridges Dress

Striped Bettine Dress

Monetti (Back View) *UB

Vintage Simplicity Maxi *UB

Pink & Silver Elisalex *UB

Floral Sewaholic Davie Dress *UB

Coral & Gray Minoru

Black Floral Hollyburn

Tardis Blue Hollyburn

Happy Whale Dress

Black Dot Rigel

Vintage Tee Heart Sweater

Plantain Heart Sweater

Black Dot Moneta


Mini Chardon Skirt

Autumn Hearts Reglisse

Princess Bubblegum - Moneta

Bronte Top and Dress

Bruyere in Bicycles

Mustard/Ivory Striped Skater

Dark Denim Chardon Skirt*

Purple Floral Maxi

Navy Polkadot Romper

Chambray Alder Shirtdress

Tropicana Dress

Pineapple Tank

Anchor Peplum Top

Nina Cardigan

Retro Swimsuit

Timey Wimey Space Shirt

White Sew Bossy Jacket

Birds Staple Dress

Blue Giraffes Anna

Coral Triangles Plantain

Gray Modal S1463

Floral Belladone

Floral Knit Maxi

Mint Bow S2444

Blue Floral S2451

Navy Sureau

Ava Dandy Peplum

Renfrew Mini-Dress

Floral Rigel

Creamsicle Plantain

Lace Bow Peplum


Sequin Striped Lady Skater

Plaid Pencil Skirt w/ Bow

Graphic Deer&Doe Reglisse

BHL Anna Maxi (& Slip)

Leather/Knit B5666

Red Ponte Lady Skater

Striped Megan Nielsen Briar

Floral MN Virginia Leggings

Striped Style Arc Elizabeth

Paint Splatter Dolman Tee

Striped Peplum S2209 Mod

Striped BHL Anna

Purple Style Arc Ivy

Saucy Striped Skirt

Striped BHL Victoria

Royal Blue S1801

Striped Knit Scout Tee

IKAT HiLo S8701 c.1978

Color Blocked Scout Tee

Rayon Lounge Shorts

Aqua Herringbone Thurlows

Limone Peplum M6754

Striped Knit B5837

Gray Peplum M6754

Orange Feathered S1614

Coral Mad Men S2588

Floral Chiffon S1690

Blue Medallion S2209

Hollywood 472 (c. 1940s)

Yellow Chevron S1690

Faux Button Front Skirt

Purple Bow Dolman

Leopard Denim S2451

Fuschia Burda 7260

Striped Cowl Renfrew

Purple Boucle Renfrew


Polka Dot S2444

Plaid S2758

Red V-Day M6349

Floral M6359

Houndstooth S2451

Sewing School Skirt


Polka Dot S3750

Yellow Medallion S2209

First Dress S2209

Spring Green S2226

Pajama Shorts


  1. Ok I just have to say that I am completely in love with that pink Simplicity 2588, and your colorblocked scout tee. AND that adorable Deer & Doe Chardon Skirt. My gosh girl, you are seriously one talented lady!! Definitely your newest follower.

  2. Hi. I have made Simplicity 2451 as well (with pockets) but was wondering how it sat on you. Does the waistband sit below your navel or on it? I always struggle to fit skirts properly because I can never work out where they are meant to sit. I think we are fairly similar in sizing so thought I'd get your thoughts... Thanks

    1. Hi Sarah! The 2451 skirt sits basically right at my navel, just a couple inches below my natural waist line - this is one of my all time favorite skirts - I actually have another cut out waiting to be sewn up ;)

  3. Great, I just fell in love with your entire wardrobe!