Pattern: McCall's 7969, View A with full sleeves and pockets

Size S at bust to M at waist (34b 29w 43h)

Adjustments: Added 1" length to bodice and sleeves (I'm almost 6' tall)

I used the LBA method to add 2" length this time, instead of adding it at the hem, and it distorted the shape of the front bodice piece too much. When I stitched it together, the front was too long and kind of droopy. I took it apart and recut the bodice to remove the extra length (1" at side seam / back and almost 1.5" at front - see pics!) Next time, I will just add the extra inch by sliding the front piece down at the hem, like I did the first time :)

My skirt is also wider/fuller than the pattern - I just used the width of the fabric - maybe a couple extra inches on each side? But since it's a big gathered rectangle, you don't really notice. I tried to make the selvage edges a feature inside, but because of the pockets, the skirt side seams have to be pressed the same direction rather than open. Oh well!

Fabric: Cotton and Steel rayon "Mushrooms in Red"  by Sarah Watts from the Front Yard collection

This fabric has been in my stash for quite awhile! I never quite knew what to do with it, since the print and color combo are so loud, but this fall I had the inspiration! Pair it with the cult classic M7969 and get big billowy mushroom sleeves! :) The last time I made this pattern, I didn't have enough fabric for the iconic sleeves, so I wanted to be sure this version had them! And I barely squeezed this entire dress out of 3 yards. So happy with how this turned out :)