Today I attempted to make a duct tape double of myself - with the help of my hubs :)  The idea/directions for this project came from this Threads article.  Here is the supply list/cost of what I used:

Long T-shirt and "Mock Turtleneck Bib" or whatever you want to call it (Salvation Army) $0.50
2 60-yd rolls Multipurpose Scotch Duct Tape (Target) $12
3 10-yd rolls Black and White Baroque Duck Tape (Target) $12
Carboard (from an old box)
Polyester Stuffing (had already)
Sharpie (Is there really any good project that doesn't require use of this?)
Wooden Hanger (IKEA) $0.50

TOTAL COST = $25!!!

Here are some pictures of the process:
The first layer, top half

3 full layers later we start the fancy tape - It was getting REALLY hot!

Cut it off already and hang it on a hanger (View from back)

Stuff it and cover the holes - VOILA!

Now while it may look to have been a breeze, there was a lot of sweat and tear-ing of duck tape that went into this!  It took a good 1-2 hours just to tape the form, then after it was cut off, finishing it was about another hour.  However, it was totally worth it.  I have an almost exact replica of myself (which is kind of creepy) - same bust, waist, and hip measurements - same torso length - even same one shoulder being higher than the other (can you tell which one? :)  Just to make sure it worked well, I tried one of my existing outfits on it -

Crazy, yeah!  It fits it exactly the same as it fits me - even the waist of the skirt is a little big!  (And yes, in case you are wondering, that is the shower - where else am I going to hang it - the closet it full of clothes! Lol)

Another great thing (that I didn't plan) is that it spins around really smoothly b/c of the hanger, so I can easily fix and alter from all sides.

Altogether, a very successful endeavor - Now on to making some clothes!!!