This week I attempted and finished my first dress!  I love the pattern - Simplicity Lisette 2209 Passport Dress (I am making the jacket soon!)  This black and white gingham fabric was my "practice" or "experimental" version, and a good thing too!  I realized the skirt needed some alterations AFTER I attached it to the bodice (suffice to say, they didn't happen... haha) and I may or may not have had to seam-rip myself out of the dress after the first fitting, having convinced myself that I didn't need the side zipper and could just pull it over my head.  Well pull it on yes, but off, no.  You know the feeling - when you have tried on something that you don't think you may ever be able to get yourself out of again!  Haha.  Anywho - this is the finished product!  I think it will be a perfect casual fun dress, especially under a bright colored cardigan like yellow or purple!