A little belated... but here is my Valentine's Day Dress! :)  I knew I wanted to make something red, and when I thought of Valentine's day, I remembered this McCall's pattern (w/ a bodice somewhat shaped like a heart... perfect!  I went with a rose red crepe with matching lining.  I have not yet made anything lined, and this dress has a lining AND underlining.  It was much easier than I expected, and I LOVE the way it feels.  The pattern was great - I didn't even need to use the seam ripper!!! (until I tried gathering the skirt top and the thread broke when I was almost done....arrrrrgh.....)  I was super picky about the zipper, but it turned out to be one of the easiest/best ones I have done yet!

I haven't worn this yet - we are planning on going out Monday to celebrate Valentine's day AND February 20th... no, not President's day - it's the six year anniversary of the day we met ❤