Hey there peeps! Today I'm getting really trendy and showing you my (duh duh duh) ROMPER! Or jumpsuit, or playsuit, or whatever you want to call it. To be honest, any of those words still make it sound like something my 4 year old cousin would wear, but hey - it's fashion! ;)

I really love the fabric used for this garment - it is a navy and cream polka-dot peachskin, found in the remnants section at Vogue. That is one amazing thing about Vogue - their remnants can be up to 3 yards! This one was 2 1/2 yards, and 60" wide, so definitely enough for a romper. I think the color combo makes it a bit more "grown up" - I was inspired by these - photos - on - pinterest!

Here are the details:

Pattern: McCall's 6083, View D, with added tie belt


- 2 1/2 yards Navy and Cream polka dot peachskin fabric (60" wide)
- Fusible interfacing
- 14" navy invisible zipper
- Elastic

Sizing / Alterations:

- I sewed a size 14 (bust and waist), flaring out to a size 20 at the hips (would have gone with a size 12 bodice, but the envelopes are divided so that the size 12 bust and 20 hips are not in the same one)
- Added 2" length to the bodice and 4" length to the shorts
- Added quite a bit of flare to the legs to make them more flowy and full, like a skirt

Construction Notes:

- ADD A ZIPPER if making this in a woven fabric - I was given this advice when I posted a photo of the pattern on instagram (social media to the rescue yet again) and couldn't agree more! I added a 14" invisible zipper down the left side, and honestly it is still tricky to get on and off, but doable :)

- Clearly mark the wrong side / right side if it is hard to tell (this fabric was nearly impossible) - I made some very frustrating mistakes on what should have been a very easy sew:
- Discovered I had stay stitched the waist instead of the neckline on both pieces, and was sewing the pieces upside down
- Sewed the right front bodice wrong side out
- Interfaced and finished the wrong side of the left front bodice (so I had two beautifully finished right front bodices instead)
- Had to cut out a new left front bodice and.... almost made the exact same mistakes again!!!
Now I am in a few hours of hair-pulling-out sewing and decided that this garment deserved something special for all the trouble it had caused me, so I went online and ordered these babies, just for this romper ;)

Details: Shorts, Tie belt, and Side Zip/Pocket
To view larger, right click on photo and select "Open image in new tab" - go to the new tab and click on the photo to zoom in - this works for most blog post photos! :)
Wearability: Since finishing this garment two months ago, it has been worn a few times - here are my thoughts:

- It is super cute and trendy - the short length makes it perfect for spring/summer
- I just love the pockets and the tie belt
- The peachskin (polyester) does not breathe well, so if it is too hot I sweat a lot
- The front bodice is a bit too big, so I wear a cream-colored bralette underneath - for some reason I just don't like the look of a "wrap" bodice that has been pinned together in the middle
- I wonder if you could pull off a romper over tights for the fall/winter (like some people do with shorts)?

So what do you think of the romper trend? Would you wear one? Or sew one? What do you think about sewing "trendy" clothing vs classic garb? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

P.S. Photos taken in the boutique where I occasionally work :) It is filled with handmade artisan gifts!