This is the craziest shirt I’ve ever made! The event? Our first elementary school concert in 3 YEARS. The theme? “Weather the Weather” - songs like Here Comes the Sun, Singing in the Rain, and of course Rainbow Connection. And while I already own some weather themed attire (hello - elementary music teacher here - lol), I wanted something especially rainbow-y!

If there is one thing I've learned (let's be honest - still trying), it is that I should not try to rush through making something last minute to wear for an occasion that already has plenty of stress on it's own. And so I put the rainbow shirt idea aside, until... covid finally got to us. First my husband, then me - we are super thankful that our symptoms were very mild. We did our best to stay quarantined from each other, and the sewing room is a perfect spot to isolate, so I started working on this top. Then, the morning of the concert, I tested positive too. Talk about a roller coaster of emotion. We had to postpone the concert (covid rain date?), and while staying home, I finished the top. That is the saga of how this top came to be, and why the tag reads "Made in self-isewlation" :)

Pattern: Papercut Nexus Blouse (2nd time)

Size 3 - cropped length plus 2 inches

I really wanted a pattern that would let the print shine, uninterrupted! The Nexus cropped silhouette of a  simple button front with the wide bell sleeves was perfect, albeit a little extra, but I went for it anyways.

Fabric: Lewis & Irene "Over the Rainbow" double border print quilting cotton

I don't often use quilting cotton for clothing anymore, but this print grabbed my eye and my heart! Even while I saw cutting and sewing, I saved the scraps b/c it is so colorful and pretty. 

Thoughts: This is really a beautifully made pattern to sew! The sleeves are *swoon* :) While I totally love the fabric, I'm still getting used to wearing it as a shirt - it's a lot! Lol. But I am definitely going to rock it at our concert in a couple of weeks - can't wait!!

❤ Sally