Friday, November 29, 2013

Loly in the Sky Shoes Promo!!!

Hi there, readers! Happy Friday! Today I have something completely different than our regularly scheduled programming - a little promotion for a wonderful company that is all about handmade style. Loly in the Sky is a line of shoes from Mexico - each pair is carefully handmade with love :) I showed off my first pair of these adorable flats early in the summer with this dress (and I have worn them a TON since then!) I think it is so cool to be able to wear not only our own handmade clothes, but handmade shoes as well!!! They just got a new collection in time for the holidays and the shoes are A-MA-ZING! Not to mention, quite affordable! 

Displaying QUIRKY.jpg

On to the promotion...  the lovely Rocio from Loly in the Sky has offered 25% off any purchase to all of my readers with the code "quirkypeach" from November 29th - December 1st! Check out this chic pair of flats with the scissors - perfect for a sewist, yeah? They also make wedges, kids shoes, and sandals. Please do take a look! I think it's so important to support these kinds of businesses! HANDMADE ALL THE WAY!

P.S. If you wear size 9.5 shoes, here are my recommendations (as they skip from 9 to 10). All of these shoes "run small" so you can order up to a 10 and hopefully they will fit great! Worked for me! ***And great news - I have just been informed that Loly will begin making size 9.5 come January!***

Monica - ALREADY MINE! ;)
Isabella - SOON TO BE MINE!

Also,you could try these:  Adali, Gabriela, Maria, Paulina

*Disclosure: the quirky peach will receive 10% commission on all sales made using the above discount code. Please note, any and all proceeds from this commission will be put towards my IJM Dressember campaign to help end human trafficking - more on that to come - thanks!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black and White Reglisse Dress

Hello there! Today, a long belated make. I completed this Deer&Doe Reglisse dress a couple of months back - at the time I wasn't really sure if I liked it or not, but it has definitely grown on me! In fact, wearing it to school just like this last Friday, I got a ton of compliments, and mostly from boys (elementary age, mind you). I even explained to one extra curious kindergartner how I actually made the dress with a sewing machine! I think the color combination works really well year round, and I LOVE it with these black fleece lined tights and booties - so warm ;)

Here are the details:

Pattern: Deer&Doe Reglisse Dress

Size: 38 (bust) to 40 (waist/hips)

My Shape: Tall (6'0), pear shape, narrow shoulders, long torso


Main - Ivory / Black Graphic Stripe Rayon - 
Contrast - Solid Black Rayon Challis - Joann Fabrics

Size Alterations:

- Graded out to size 40 at the waistline
- Lengthened skirt a couple inches

Design Changes:

- None! Love everything about it! Bias cut bodice, contrast neck tie/collar and cap sleeves (also made waistband in contrast), gathered detail on shoulder, full swingy skirt, and no closures! AMAZING!

Construction Notes:

- The one main issue I had was with the super slippery black rayon fabric - After completely constructing the neckline, I realized one side of the collar was just slightly smaller than the other! Urrrrghhhh.... I considered ripping it out and redoing it, but decided it wasn't worth the effort. And I think I was right - I've barely noticed it since wearing it the first time (pretty sure that's b/c it's most noticeable from the back).

You can't help spinning around in this lovely dress! Even Camille twirls on the pattern page! This is a wonderful fitting dress, and I think it would work beautifully in about any print - I'm seeing visions of a sparkling plaid party dress in my near future! Ooh la la!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Watercolor Princess Dress

While I was snapping the last of these photos on the pavilion, a little girl peeked around the corner and exclaimed "Look Grandma, a beautiful princess!" Eeeeeeeeeee! Day = Made. And that is exactly how I feel in my flowing watercolor print maxi dress - like a graceful, elven princess. I have actually had this dress almost a month - I made it to wear on my birthday in early October, but it's been so cold since I wasn't able to take pictures until today. I knew I wanted to make another Anna dress for my birthday, and when I found this amazing fabric, it was a match made in sewing heaven.

I really wanted the photos to capture the movement of this dress - the flow and swish of this fabric is just amazing, especially with the voluminous six panel skirt! The color is gorgeous - the print is like a watercolor painting of pinks and olive greens on a gray/taupe background, with a brushstroke foil accent of gold and black. It is sheer, which meant a clean finish on the inside and a slip to go underneath.

Here are the details:

Pattern: By Hand London Anna Dress - Maxi Version, Slash Neck

Size: US 6 (bust)

My Shape: Tall (5'11"), pear shape, narrow shoulders, long torso

Fabric: Simply Silky Prints-Blurred Floral Pink & Olive Foiled (Polyester) - Joann Fabrics

Size Alterations:

- Graded out to size 10 at the waistline
- From waist, graded skirt panels out to the largest size for an extra voluminous skirt
- Lowered slash neckline slightly

Design Changes:

- Added button and loop closure at back center neckline above zipper

Construction Notes:

- With this sheer fabric, I serged, then turned and top-stitched a narrow hem for the neckline and sleeve
- The skirt panels are all finished with a serged edge - at first they somewhat curved in towards the hem - I fixed this by clipping the seam allowance every few inches on each seam and then steaming - the skirt panels seams quickly flattened out.

To go under the dress, I made a slip with olive silky lining fabric. I used the McCall's 6696 bias cut slip pattern. It was definitely put together in a hurry, so nothing fancy to look at, but it is perfect under this dress.

The necklace was a birthday present to myself from Stephanie's Etsy shop, Native Clutter. She has some gorgeous jewelry! She sent it right away so it would arrive on my birthday so I could wear it with my dress! Amazing customer service, and perfect timing :)

The Verdict: THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE DRESS! I feel like a beautiful elvish princess when I wear it! I cannot wait to wear it again, and I can definitely see more Anna dresses in the future. If you haven't tried this pattern yet, I highly recommend it - there are even detailed sewalong posts for help along the way. So, what is your most favorite dress you've made??? :)