Monday, January 9, 2012

Sewing School Skirt

A new skirt!  The "Sewing School Skirt" from Brett Bara's book Sewing In a Straight Line.  I made it using twill in "blackberry" from Joann's with silver/pewter buttons.  This is the second attempt - the first ended up in the "I'm too frustrated to keep working on this now..." pile, after a failed attempt at adding pockets (caused problems b/c of the french seams).  Anyways, I love this finished skirt, which was originally supposed to be for my sister, but I made it a little too small (it really was an accident... lol).  Be warned if you use this skirt pattern, the measurements in the book are wrong by a lot - as in about 8-10" around the waist area.  I will be remaking it in red for my sis, but for now here is the purple version :)  Just in time for school tomorrow!

Top pics:  Front and Side views in the dusty bathroom mirror (sorry!)
Bottom pics:  Front view on dress form, closeup of button

UPDATE:  A few pics of the red version I made for my sister :)

Happy New Year!

Hi!  It's been a long time since any postings, but I think the new year gave me a kick in the pants to get some stuff finished :)  Today was quite productive, starting with the reorganization of the sewing area.  After hoisting the Christmas tree out the window (literally) a little rearranging of the apartment was in order.  The sewing area especially needed rethought, so it doesn't feel so claustrophobic and there's no tripping over cords all the time.  Here's a pic of the finished product:

The other half of the table is in the "dining room side", which we used to try out a new recipe from the Cooking w/ Trader Joes' Cookbook - Pack a Lunch (by Celine Cossou-Bordes)  called "Crustless Tomato and Tuna Mini-Quiches".  They were super easy, cheap, fast, and DELICIOUS.  We used chicken instead of tuna - they would be great with any meat though :)  Here's my attempt at a picture:

There are a lot of great recipes that I am excited to try out - and hopefully post if they're good :)