Thursday, May 30, 2013

MMM Finale - Family, Flowers, and Fun!

Hello friends! This is my last Me May Made post for you, even though there is still one more day of May - I have been doing a pretty good job keeping up with my pledge to wear four me-made garments a week - some weeks even more! However, now that school is out I am spending almost every day in a t-shirt and shorts - most of the time it's my Yellow Chevron Tee, but I didn't think you would want to ten pictures of the same outfit ;)  As much as I've been looking forward to spending more time on sewing, some other important things have come first:

1) FAMILY!!! My sister Ruthie graduated from college :) So it was a trek to the great state of OHIO to celebrate!  We enjoyed board games galore, good food, some outside time in the gorgeous yard playing croquet, and general all-around merriment! How appropriate that Friday's MMM theme was "Hometown" :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Avocado Avocado Hoodie

Today I get to share with you my favorite thing I have ever made for my hubs :)  I was asked by the wonderful Mari of Disparate Disciplines to test her first pattern, the Avocado Hoodie - Man Version!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hi again readers! Just a quick update with three pictures of my Me Made Made Week 3 Outfits :)

Monday 5/13 - Gray Ponte Peplum Top (same exact outfit as post :)

Tuesday 5/14 - Blue and White Medallion Dress

Lisette Passport Dress - Simplicity 2209

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Gray Ponte Peplum Top

Pattern: McCall's 6754
Fabric: Charcoal Gray Ponte Roma Knit - Joann Fabrics

Well folks, I've finally jumped on the peplum band wagon, and I'm thinking I should have earlier! I love how this top turned out, and how it fits on my pear shape-ness :) I think the key is that it hits right at the natural waist, instead of added fullness on the hips. It's really quite flattering, even after many many cookies (this theory has been tested with science).

For this top I used McCall's pattern 6754 - View A.  It also includes a raglan sleeve peplum top with a pieced bodice that looks awesome in a striped fabric. Did I mention they can both be made into dresses? :)

I cut a straight size Medium, according to my measurements and the fact that the pattern was intended for knits but it was definitely TOO BIG.  What should have been a fairly quick sew ended up taking 4-5 hours to complete. I still see some issues, but it's good enough for me - next time I'll be sure to go with the small.

Other alterations include:
* Raised neckline by a couple inches - the original is quite low
* Added a few inches length to peplum skirt
* Reduced fullness in peplum skirt
* Attempted a double line of topstitching along the neckline and armhole instead of a narrow hem

Double topstitching at neckline (it doesn't all look this even ;)
Narrow Hem
The only good sleeveless shot - it was surprisingly cold!
Back view - I think the wrinkles along the side are from taking in so much from the side seams,
but still having too-big armholes... wah-wah.
Sometimes I think this blog is too serious.
I really love this top pattern - it is so flattering and if I cut the right size, it would be quick and easy to make. I highly recommend it, and will be making it again soon! One ticket to ride on the peplum train, please :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

MMM Week Supertonic!

MMM Week Supertonic! Sounds pretty exciting, eh? While thinking of a way to make my post title something a little different than your typical "Me Made May Week 2" I started thinking of all the ways in which one could say "2", like dos, II, half of four, one plus one, not to or too but two, however my inner music theory nerd came out and I decided to call it "supertonic" aka the second (2) degree of the musical scale. (For more nerdiness, see bottom of this post)

On to the clothes:

One of my favorite makes - had to sew the bow back on the morning of wearing, since last time I wore it, I rocked too hard with the kiddos and it fell off in the middle of class - lol

Tuesday, 5/7 - Cool Leopard Skirt

As this was ZUMBA week at school (meaning I was doing Zumba for at least 3 hours every day at school), I needed something that I could move in, still look somewhat teacher-y, and wouldn't show sweat - lol :)

You can't see in this pic, but I also happen to be wearing the coolest shoes I've ever owned in my life:

Wednesday, 5/8 - Fine Feathered Tank

Discovered that pictures in this spot in the morning (as opposed to the afternoon in the previous two pics) is TOO MUCH SUN for this camera to frickin' handle!!! Haha - every picture had these sunny spots! Plus, I look waaay too tired (well it is Zumba week after all... and I haven't had any coffee yet... and it's allergy season)

Friday, 5/10 - Stripey Renfrew

No pic today, but I will tell you that I cut that cowl neck right off!  It just didn't lay right, and was too hot. I also didn't have time to finish the neckline after cutting the cowl neck off, so I wore a cute bird scarf with it all day - lol

Another no pic day, due to my terrible allergies and the fact that I spent most of the day laying on the couch watching house hunters international, drinking tea, and eating pancakes.  Allergies - 1, Me - 0.

Sunday, 5/12 - NEW! Gray Ponte Peplum Tank

Made with McCall's 6754 out of a charcoal gray ponte knit - I made the top this morning and wore it to a family Mother's Day get together. Jewelry compliments of Mom and Grandma :)  Blog post coming soon! 

And you may have noticed that I wore six me-made garments this week instead of my pledged four! Let's see what next week brings!

And now for more music theory nerd time!!!

In music theory, the names of all the scale degrees are:  (1) Tonic  (2) Supertonic  (3) Mediant  (4) Subdominant  (5) Dominant  (6) Submediant  (7) Leading Tone / Subtonic

File:Scale degree numbers.png

Fun fact #1 - almost ALL western music is based on the relationship between the tonic (I) and dominant (V) - our ears have been trained to hear it since we were born!

Fun fact #2 - just try listening to a scale that ends on the leading tone (vii) and not sing the final note (back to tonic) - I'm telling you people - it's nearly impossible!  (I've been sneakily testing this on my hubs while writing this post and he has sung or whistled the last note every time! Lol)

For more exciting music theory info, and to see the source of this pic, check out this Wikipedia article. Also this great blog, or this simple yet educational website! You're welcome :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Fine Feathered Tank

My first Me Made May post - I pledged to wear four me-makes a week, but since this was a short week, I only have two for you! One is new, though :)

MMM Day 1:  Yellow Medallion Jacket

Not only is this my first wear for Me Made May - this is the first time I have worn this jacket EVER! That's right - completed October 2011 - first worn May 2013. OH GOODNESS! Have you ever had that happen?? I suppose by the time it was done, it wasn't the right season, and the next spring we were moving so who knows what I was doing - lol.  I really enjoyed finally wearing it, though - lots of compliments from the kiddos at school :)

Day 2: A Fine Feathered Tank

A new make! As part of my Me Made May pledge, I said I would make one new garment every week, and here is the first:

Pattern:  Simplicity 1614 - Tank tops - View D
Fabric:  Anna Maria Horner Field Study Voile - Fine Feathered Pomegranate Orange

Pattern Notes:

- Cut size 12
- Added 1" darts on both sides in back to help with extra fabric
- Top finished with bias tape (not my favorite method, but when it's bright yellow, I can't help but like it!)
- Love the back detail!
- Shoulder seam is a bit tricky - I basically did my own thing after a few tries, especially to ensure that it fit well:  my first few attempts at the instructions made the shoulder straps stick out instead of lay flat.  Eventually I just put the front strap inside the back strap at more of an angle and top stitched.  

Here are a few detail shots:

Inside out back  ::  Inside out front  ::  Shoulder seam
I really love how this top looks, and feels (mmmm voile - especially for summer!) and can't wait to wear it again!

How is your Me Made May going? Fun? Stressful? Make anything new? :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby Butt Ruffles :)

Hello again lovely readers! It's been a bit quiet on the blog lately due to... well, life in general :) Most recently, though, a visit from the most excellent mom in the world meant lots of talking and shopping and eating and hanging out, but no sewing.  However, we did spend some time sorting through some old boxes of her sewing stash and I got to keep quite a pile of loot - pictures to come!  We also spent some time shopping for new furniture for my sewing room! Hello new, pretty, workable sewing space :) Blog post to come on that as well.

In other news, a friend of mine is having a baby girl and requested a personalized butt ruffle onesie for her baby shower... here is what I came up with:

All I did was purchase an adorable onesie (for $2) and then find matching ribbon and sew it in rows on the back. I purchased the ruffle-y pink ribbon and added the stripe of green ribbon from my stash.

I wish I could say I embroidered the fruit, but I haven't braved that skill quite yet ;) Soon, though! I happened to win an amazing embroidery giveaway from Juli at Sweet Little Chickadee and I can't wait to get started on my first embroidery project!