Thursday, May 30, 2013

MMM Finale - Family, Flowers, and Fun!

Hello friends! This is my last Me May Made post for you, even though there is still one more day of May - I have been doing a pretty good job keeping up with my pledge to wear four me-made garments a week - some weeks even more! However, now that school is out I am spending almost every day in a t-shirt and shorts - most of the time it's my Yellow Chevron Tee, but I didn't think you would want to ten pictures of the same outfit ;)  As much as I've been looking forward to spending more time on sewing, some other important things have come first:

1) FAMILY!!! My sister Ruthie graduated from college :) So it was a trek to the great state of OHIO to celebrate!  We enjoyed board games galore, good food, some outside time in the gorgeous yard playing croquet, and general all-around merriment! How appropriate that Friday's MMM theme was "Hometown" :)

But don't think my journey home was completely sewing - free.  In fact, I came home with some wonderful presents, including a SERGER!!! WOO-HOO! It is my mom's old serger, a Kenmore (just like my sewing machine) and it runs beautifully. It has been named Clarence, after the angel in It's a Wonderful Life (mom's favorite movie) and in keeping with the alphabet theme - Archibald (sewing machine) and Babette (dress form).  I also received some wonderful patterns and books - this is on top of everything my mom brought over on her visit in April! Can you see where I get my love of the craft :)

2) ORGANIZATION!  I have been doing some major re-organizing of the sewing room - I am one of those people who has a hard time working in a unorganized mess... let me rephrase - I have a hard time getting motivated to start a project when everything is a mess - once I get going on a project it's going to be a hot mess everywhere, let's be honest :) In any case, I think it's heading in a good direction - I'll be posting more about this soon!

3) FLOWERS! I love them, and after a ridiculously long winter, I finally got to get out my gloves and miracle gro and get to work. Gardening takes up a lot of time and energy - you have to choose the flowers, plant the flowers, water and weed the flowers (I only have pots right now, which makes things a little easier) but it is totally worth it to see these happy little plants every morning!

Thanks for staying with me here! So you can see why I haven't been sewing as much :)  Now, finally, my last batch of Me Made May pics:

Monday, 5/20 - Black and White Polka Dot Dress

Made with Simplicity 2444
Tuesday, 5/21 - Floral Chiffon Tee

Made with Simplicity 1690
Wednesday, 5/22 - Black and White Check Dress (My First Dress)

Made with Simplicity 2209
Friday, 5/24 - Put a Bow on it! Cation Dolman Top

Cation Designs Dolman Tee - Also pictured above with sisters :)
 Tuesday, 5/29 - Polka Dot Top

Made with Simplicity 3570
In the last picture I am laughing because the hubs kept running in front of the camera right as I was going to take the picture - good thing this is the last one :)  Happy Me Made May everyone - hope you had as much fun as I did! :)


  1. Congratulations on getting MMM. Your photos have been wonderful.

  2. Oh, so cute! Lots of black and white goodness this week! And congrats on the serger - that's awesome!

  3. ilove the Polka Dot Dress you look so cute nice blog<3<3

  4. Well done on your Me Made May! You did amazing and your outfits are all gorgeous!

  5. Great job with Me Made May! I've really enjoyed seeing your cute outfits. :) I LOVE the black and white polka dot and black and white check dresses.