This year I participated in my first sewing swap, where sewists from around the world put together a fun package for each other and, well, swap them! This Spring Sewing Swap was hosted by Kestrel of Kestrel Makes - I was paired with Meghan from Made by Meg, and I have to say Kestrel hit the nail right on the head with that one :)

Through e-mail, Meg and I discovered that we had both been eyeing the Scout Tee pattern from grainline studios and were hoping to get in on the sewalong over at kollabora with the lovely Wanette.  This worked out perfectly as inspiration for both of our packages - we decided to find some fabric and notions to send to the other to make a Scout Tee (or two :), and included the pattern download price in our swap. Here is the awesome package I got in the mail:

Here's where it gets really exciting - Meg must have been reading my mind, or I guess just my blog, and discovered that I have a frustrating relationship with bias tape, evidenced with this top and this dress.  I have seen it done really well by others, but I would do just about anything to avoid having to use it in my own garments.  I had often wondered if this was due to the fact that I have only ever used store-bought bias tape, which is quite stiff, and thought about trying to make my own, but never did.  Now... just look what Meg sent me:

Nothing like another sewist to give you a swift kick in the pants and high motivation to try a technique you've been avoiding! :) But really, I am so excited to try this! And look at that awesome fabric! My favorite color, dark purple, with a super soft and fun geometric print to make bias tape. And of course, a bias tape maker - I knew there was a reason I kept forgetting to buy one - it was already on it's way to me! And if that isn't enough, the teacher in me got a huge smile when I flipped the card:

Not only the material and the tools, but where to find a tried and true bias tape tutorial! I really need to go start making this Scout Tee right now.  I am pumped!  And of course, if I need a break from all this bias craziness, I have a wonderful knit option as well:

If I had to choose one knit print to add to my stash, this would have been it. I'm actually amazed I don't already own this fabric! Navy and white... stripes... nautical buttons... could it be more perfect? I am seeing some awesome Scout Tee's in my future.  (Looks like Jen is attempting a knit Scout Tee - I'll have to see how it goes for her :)

In conclusion, THANK YOU MEG! And thank you, of course, to Kestrel for setting up the whole shebang! Can't wait to do it again soon!

P.S. Here's a little peek at the package I sent to Meg: