HEY I MADE A SWIMSUIT! And I borrowed my cousins adorable golden retriever to make it look cute! But really, he kind of steals the show - get outta here you cuddly dog you! I gotta show these readers my first, let's call it "trial" version of a swim suit ;)

I started this swimsuit last summer to check the fit of the Bombshell. I was almost finished with the bottoms when I got suuuuper sunburned :( I had zero interest in going out in the sun again, much less finishing up a swimsuit I knew I would not be wearing that summer! This past week I finally got them back out, finished sewing them up in about 15 minutes (I was that close?!?) and added this Simplicity 1374 bikini top just in time for a weekend at the lake!

The material is a fuschia nylon / spandex blend performance knit from Joanns. It was super clearance, like $3 a yard, so we could call this one instance in which sewing the clothing is cheaper than buying it RTW! (I don't know about you, but when I started sewing I seemed to think I would save money... let's just say I have proved that theory wrong, hence the summer stashbust challenge ;)

The bathing suit top is from a new Simplicity 1374 pattern. I cut and sewed a size 14, but I should have definitely gone with a 12! Not only was it a little big to begin with, it grew a little as it got wet! UH OH! The construction was really straightforward - I love this style of straps - so flattering! I borrowed some bra cups from a sports bra or something (idk, they were on top of the dryer) and when I was speedily cutting little holes in the lining to insert them, I accidentally snipped a hole in the main fabric too!!! Those ginghers are too sharp for their own good! Let's just say I learned my lesson, and Shanni would agree - don't sew swim suits in a hurry! ;)

The bottoms of this suit are View C of the Closet Case Files Bombshell. I wanted to check the fit, as I had to grade SO much between sizes from waist to hip and also added length - my pattern pieces look real wonky. All the gathering and layers at the side seams were a little tricky, as you can see the seam is kind of crooked, but I love the effect and they really do cover everything!!!

I wish I had more to say about the construction of the bottoms, but most of it was done over a year ago! It was actually kind of tricky figuring out where I had left off - sitting on the couch with the kind of finished bathing suit in one hand and my computer w/ directions in the other, trying to figure out what I had done already! The only major alteration I did was shortening the top of the bottoms (well that's an oxymoron) by about 2" - I wanted more skin there ;)

The most important thing here is that I really do feel like a Bombshell wearing these! (I'm not sure how one feels like a "1374" but it's probably not as glamorous). And they survived riding the inner tube, soooo... its all good.

Now that I have finished my practice version, I can't wait to try it in my other awesome *stash* fabrics :) I've got this amazing black and white striped swim fabric, but I'm torn as which way to put the stripes!

Right - Vertical Inspiration :: Middle - Fabric :: Left - Horizontal Inspiration
What do you think??? Also


If you visit the Summer Stashbust page (click on the button in the sidebar) you will see that there is a link up available for any and all makes that you create from your stash between June 21st - Sept 21st! Remember no new fabric - STAY STRONG! Check it out, and let me know if you run into any issues! NOW LET'S GO SWIMMING! :)