So I'm just going to be honest with you all.... I spend a lot of money on fabric. In fact I think I spend more money buying fabric than I did shopping RTW before I knew how to sew. It is definitely an addiction! I've heard some people say "She who dies with the most fabric wins" and that is a terrible philosophy! Think of all the beautiful creations those fabrics could have become! I think this especially rings true after visiting an estate sale where the entire top floor was filled with fabric that never had been used - you think dream land? I think nightmare! I want to actually use the fabric I have spent so much time, effort, and moo-lah collecting.

But then we get to the other issue - sewing A-D-D! I cannot focus on one project for more than a few minutes before getting distracted by the next new shiny pattern or fabric. It is an endless cycle. Recently, I forgot about a fabric I bought hours before when trying to find something to work for a pattern I wanted to make - ugh! I am ready for a change, and what better to keep me accountable than to announce it to hundreds of blog readers, many like minded in their fabric collecting addiction ;) Obviously you can do whatever you want, and you may have a different philosophy altogether on stashing, but if you're interested in joining me, I am officially calling it the...

YEAH! SUMMER STASHBUST 2014! WOO-WOO! I find that short term goals, or at least goals with an end date, are more motivating, so this stashbust is just for the summer season. Starting June 21st through September 21st, I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY NEW FABRICS! I will spend my time and effort making the many many many garments waiting in my stash already - and boy howdy there are a lot!!! I've got fabric and pattern waiting for shorts, bathing suits, dresses, tops, jackets, and more! I even have fabric for every special occasion this summer - vacation, two different wedding guest dresses and a first day of school dress! There is nothing I can possibly think of that I need fabric for that I don't already own. How about you? What is your stash like???

If you would like to participate in Summer Stashbust 2014, that's awesome! You don't have to be a blogger to join in, as long as you can post your makes somewhere online!  

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW - include your name and blog address, social media handle, or other internet presence that I can link to - there will be a stash-busting participants list posted here on my blog to keep us all accountable and so we can pal around and encourage each other! :)

And you can grab this button in the sidebar for your blog, or instagram or tweet it - whatever your heart desires!

"Stashbusting" will constitute anything made with fabric purchased before June 21st. The goal here is to use fabric that has already been purchased, but it doesn't have to be super old or anything. 

I will do monthly round ups of people who have joined in the summer stashbust and what they have made each month. Posts will be on the 22nd or 23rd or each month (July, August, September). You may only be included if you have committed to the full three months of stash-busting.

AND I would love to figure out a prize package of some sort, if possible! :) Have any suggestions???

Once you've made something from your stash:

If you are blogging, posting on kollabora, burdastyle or somewhere else on the interwebs, please send me an e-mail with a link to a photo of your makes (

If you are posting on social media, you can also use #summerstashbust14 to notify us of your makes!