Ahhhh cosplay! So much fun but so much work! For my second year attending ACEN, I wanted to step it up and do an actual character, as opposed to "One Piece Fan Girl" from the first year (lol). First of all, I love Naruto... so much that we have actually watched every. single. episode. 720 episodes of a single show. It's taken up SO MUCH of my life. But I love it. I also think the Akatsuki character design is awesome, w/ the red and white clouds on black. Also Itachi forever. 

Anyways... I decided to cosplay as Konan, a member of the Akatsuki, and a boss paper ninja. Also she has purple hair... I have purple hair. No question, it was destined to happen. I think the Akatsuki robes look super cool and wanted to replicate in a new, more feminine silhouette. Mostly b/c I am obsessed with putting horsehair braid in skirt hems. And also giant bows.

*Inspiration Photos*

Also I was directly inspired by Darling Army, who makes lolita/kimono style dresses for all kinds of anime characters! Her design was so great, and I wanted to make one like it, but with bigger clouds! Thankfully, many of the "Big 4" pattern companies are coming out with cosplay-specific patterns. Here's what I used:

Pattern: Simplicity 8317 for kimono top (view B), modified belt and bow / Self-drafted double circle skirts and cloud appliques

Fabric: Black, Red, and White premium quilting cotton (for richer colors) from Joann's

*Progress Photos*

- Applique akatsuki clouds are red cotton, cut out, fray checked, and stitched to white cotton background, which is interfaced, and then stitched to garment. Found cloud templates online. Maybe I'll do a separate post w/ a tutorial!
- Belt is straight all around with velcro closure and bow sewn on the back. It hides the elastic waist top of the circle skirts. 
- Oh! And I made my own origami paper flower to wear in my hair!

The pictures up top were taken at Halloween in 2018, but here are some from the actual day: 
ACEN 2017!

This my boo. He cosplayed as a different character whose name is also Conan. 

So we were Konan and Conan. 

Relationship level unlocked.