Finally!!!! A completed patio cushion set to complement our bright turquoise chairs :) The main print is Tommy Bahama outdoor fabric. After making the seat cushions, I used the leftover to make two accent pillows and a pouf!

The seat cushions are covered foam - the really nice kind that stays springy. I had one turquoise seat cushion from Target that went flat quickly. I used the design for my covers, but added a zipper.  I made the first one in summer of 2017, and it only took three years to make the second one :) :) :)

Once I finished both seat cushions, I had enough extra fabric that I decided to make accent pillows. I had the inserts already from Ikea and since we were in the middle of a quarantine, I couldn't go shopping for outdoor fabric. I decided to purchase pre-made solid blue pillow covers, and then added my accent fabric as a stripe. I got these blue ones from Amazon - it was really easy to unpick the side seams, topstitch my accent fabric in a big stripe, and then restitch the side seams.

still had more fabric leftover, plus my old, flat target cushion. I also had been saving a ginormous bag of scraps with the intention of making my own pouf, so I decided to go for it and make an outdoor pouf. I used the fabric from the target cushion and the last of my print to make the pouf. My favorite part are the chair ties as accent stripes across the front - they also are useful as handles!

The one caveat was that my bag of fabrics scraps was so heavy that the pouf was super heavy, and when I was almost done stuffing it, it burst a seam - ughsss... also my allergies were going nuts w/ all the fibers and scrap dust. After unstuffing the entire thing, I decided to go a different route and used bean bag filler instead! It was a headache to fill, but I like the end result way better - it's super lightweight to toss outside/inside :)

I am SO HAPPY that these are finally finished - now to relax and enjoy them!! :)