When life gives you lemons, make a dress!! I call this one "Lemonade"... for obvious reasons. And also b/c I was able to make something happy that brought me joy in the midst of a storm of negative emotions. That is a big deal, and one of the reasons I love sewing so much :)

Fabric: Cotton Lawn in Lemons - Blue by Gertie for Joann Fabrics (2015)

This one has been in the stash for a long time (5 years!) and I am so excited to finally use it! I believe I had about 1.5 yards, maybe 2? It is lightweight and heavenly to wear in summer. It it lined with a lightweight plain white cotton.

The "made in self-isewlation" tag is from Sally @ ModistaSewing and covered with an embroidered tag w/ my initials - these little details make it feel so elevated!

Pattern: True Bias Ogden Cami - hacked into tiered dress

Cut my usual size, but cropped it at the lengthen / shorten line, then added these two tiers - one long and one short - which I gathered to make the skirt and ruffle. I ended up recutting the middle tier with less width so that the gathers would look even at the top and bottom. I was nervous that this wouldn't give me enough room to move / sit, but it was fine.

I shortened the straps 1.5" inches, which helped everything sit better - side seams are straight and the back hangs instead of clings - and provided just a tad more coverage so I can wear it with a regular bra (which you can see a tiny bit in these photos, but I don't mind!) 

Also it has pockets :)