This Atelier Brunette fabric from Anna Ka Bazaar has been in my stash for SEVEN YEARS!!! I can't believe it actually exists as a top! :) This is a very soft and springy fabric, with lovely colors and a unique print! 

Originally, I tried to make it into a Crescent Blouse from Megan Nielsen, a pattern that's been in my stash almost as long as this fabric. I scoured the internet for pattern reviews, but didn't find many, even on instagram. Then I realized they don't even sell this pattern anymore. I decided to try it anyways, since I already owned it and liked the design details. However, after cutting out just the top half and pinning it together, I didn't find it flattering at all - I think you need a very specific body shape and a sharp contrast in color of fabric to skin tone to pull off the details in the top. I put it away for another day (maybe) and decided to use the fabric to try another top on my to-do list: a square neck Ogden Cami.

My new plan: salvage my fabric into an Ogden Cami, with a square neckline and gathered peplum. I also had a ton of bias tape I had cut out from the crescent blouse pattern, so I decided to attempt a bias tape finish on the Ogden Cami. This tutorial from Sew North was very helpful! I had enough to use it on the hem also! The square neck is just drawn straight across between the existing top points in front and back. 

I also added a detail on the bias tape at the center back so I can tell which is the back and the front :)

After a day wearing it out for some ice cream (matcha & vanilla swirl :) and a socially distanced family get-together, I am really happy with how it turned out. The only tiny thing I would change in the future is to leave the strap the original length - it is just a bit tight under the arms. Otherwise, 5 stars, would recommend!