Literally a week after I bought this pattern Friday Pattern Company released a new version! I already had this one cut out and started, but I looked at the update to compare. The instructions are way better and include some important steps that were missing originally (like understitching), including fitting tips for helping the neckline lay flat.  I appreciate the different pattern pieces for cup sizes and woven / knit fabric. I love the shape of this neckline and can definitely more of these in my future.

Fabric: Cotton knit - Girl Charlee triangles prints - black on white - from 2014

This is an old fabric from my stash that I got in two colors. It is more of a stable knit which made it easy to work with, esp w/ the topstitching and facings. I couldn't resist the irony of a square neck top in a triangles print - lol :)

Check out the other color fabric: Coral Triangles Deer & Doe Plantain Tee

Pattern: Friday Pattern Company Square Neck Top *OLD VERSION*

Size M, based on bust 36" - added 1" length

Fit: a bit too loose / big at the shoulders, which makes the neckline gape :'( Unstitched and re-topstiched the neckline but to no avail - the gaping remains. Hopefully it will relax the more I wear it and lay flat.

While my full bust is 36", my high bust is still 34" and I think next time I would go with a size S at the bust, and grade out to a M at the waist / hip. The new pattern version has an A/B cup and a C/D cup but I'm not sure which of these I would make - maybe the size S in a C/D cup?? That way it fits better at the shoulders / neck but still has enough room at the bust. 

Also, I definitely need to add more length - this just barely hits the top of my shorts, and when I lift my arms a bit it pulls up a lot. I like the shorter length but I also want to be able to wear it to school without baring my midriff in front of the students lol. For reference, I'm 5'11"