#scrapbusting sew to start the new year! A pair of sleep shorts and a scrunchie from the scraps of my last project. I just loved this super soft pink/orange stretch velvet from Joann's and wanted to use every spare piece. Shorts are a hack of #simplicity8378 - a super basic knit pants pattern.

To fit the shorts pattern pieces, I had to lay the front and back opposite ways on the fabric, so they look like different colors at the side seam. It's just sleep shorts - who cares?!? We will call it a "design feature". That's also why I chose the “perfectly imperfect” tag from @kylieandthemachine. This is a mantra I need more of in my life - it's crazy to have to talk yourself out of doing things perfectly, or at least striving to, and then losing the joy that comes with the process. Case in point: there was also a self-drafted bralette that is now in the garbage (well, fabric recycling… save the earth). I tried to make it work SO many times, but when I started angry sewing I decided it wasn’t worth it. Maybe I’ll turn it into another scrunchie? Lol. Cheers to scrap busting!

❤ Sally