Green Cleo Dungaree Dress

The return of the Cleo! After my beloved hedgehog version, I knew another would be in my future. I love dressing thematically at school for holidays and such, and wanted a fun green garment for St. Patrick's Day! This green denim was originally going to be a button down skirt but then . . . I ruined some green and white silk. The green fabric dye bled when I washed it (ugh) but it was only in some places. I wanted to salvage it to use as a lining, and that's when the idea for a Cleo jumped in my head.

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Dungaree Dress, longer version

Fitting this has always been tricky - I want it small enough at the waist to not gape, but also fit over my hips and keep it's shape. I've tried a couple different approaches:

1) Graded size 4 waist to size 6 hip w/ gradual curve

- fits well around hips / buns

- too much fabric at side seam - curves out then in at hem

- holding a wedge at side seam (vertical) helps it hang better at sides but then it curves in at back hem

Maybe a full seat adjustment would help? 

2) Graded size 4 waist to size 6 hip w/ straight line

- too tight around tummy / hips

- side seam has less fabric w/ no curve in at hem

Magically between when I originally cut it out and actually finished it, I lost a bit of weight and didn't have to worry about the tightness at the tummy / hips as much.

Lining: I revisited my lining method from this tutorial I made the first time around. While I love this striped silk, it is not a silky as the Bemberg Rayon lining I used the first time, which feels and wears amazing

💚💚💚 I loved having this bright green dress to wear for St. Patty's Day and I know it will make many appearances in the future! And as much as I LOVE teaching Irish music and dance at this time of the year, it is also totally exhausting 😝😴 🎶 Singing in my nap dreams… “Oh, ro the rattlin’ bog….” Lolol 🍀

❤ Sally