This top was cut out in our old condo, moved with me, and finished in our new house! This is a beautifully drafted pattern. The curved hem is super flattering, but it also looks cute tucked in. Love the collar buttoned or un-buttoned. The design is a perfect blend of casual and dressy that goes with anything - ideal teacher clothes! While I didn't make it with a specific event in mind, I did end up wearing it for my Improv Level 1 graduation show, because are you even an improviser if you don't wear a button down shirt? Lolol.

Pattern: Deer and Doe Mélilot Shirt, View B: cuffed short sleeves, mandarin collar

Fabric: Art Gallery Fabrics Rayon in black and white "GRID" print in Negative

Notes: Vintage square turquoise buttons! I was most excited about finally finding a use for these cool square buttons - love the pop of color they give to the black / white print. However, I was so focused on lining them up w/ the grid print that I missed putting one where the bust pulls - oh well - I can always safety pin it :) 

And just for fun, here are a couple pics from my improv show! :)

❤ Sally