First time making this wrap dress pattern! Used this fun zebra fabric I've had for a decade! I'm mostly thrilled with it! Read more below :) 

Pattern: By Hand London Hannah Wrap Dress w/ short sleeves

Bodice: Sewed a straight size 8 (33" high bust, 35" full bust, 28" waist) 

Skirt: Size 12 (42" hip) gathered to fit

Considering I made absolutely zero adjustments on this fitted wrap dress pattern, I'm really pleased with how it fits! The length is great (5'11 here). I did make a muslin of the bodice and didn't spot any major issues. For future versions, however, I would attempt some adjustments at the shoulder / bust. It feels like there is extra fabric between my shoulder and high bust, and the darts have excess fabric pooling at the apex. Also not sure if the bust dart needs moved? Since I have narrow shoulders, I may consider going down a size - my full bust (34.5") is right between a 6 and 8. I always feel super overwhelmed attempting any kind of bodice adjustment, as I never quite know what I need to do, so I just give up and move on to something else not quite as fiddly. I literally had dreams about not being able to get this bodice to fit! However, I'm glad I stuck with it and just finished the dang thing - it fits well enough and now I have a reference point for future versions!

Fabric: Zebras!! But not your classic zebra print - a literal print of zebras. Who knows what originally inspired this purchase?! Love the black and white, and large size of the print. It's a very nice cotton (probably quilting) that I've had in my stash for years! The selvedge says "zahara" De Leon Design Group  The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection c. 2012. It looks like you can still find it on Etsy, a decade later lolol. Looked through my stash to find I liked but didn't care too much about to try making this dress for the first time, just in case it was a horrible disaster, which it wasn't! I didn't know if the pattern pieces would fit, and they almost didn't! I love a good pattern tetris challenge, though :)

Oh! And check the label, from my favorite new label creator extraordinaire - Inside Voices Labels. As soon as I found her website, I lost my mind and bought multipacks galore! They make me LOL every time I see one! Now my husband enjoys helping me pick labels - this one was his idea muuuahahahaha

❤ Sally