It's a Throwback Thursday sew! This strawberry with hearts silk print blouse was mostly cut and sewn summer of 2019, except the final step - hand sewing the cuffs - which I finally made myself do just in time for Valentine's Day 2020 😝 Aaaand now blogging about it 3 years later ✂️ I call this the Silk Strawberry Love Blouse 🍓 Pics above: yesterday / Pics below: original 

Pattern: Sew Over It - Pussy Bow Blouse, Version 2 @sewoveritlondon #pussybowblouse ❣️ 

First time making a "Sew Over It" pattern - I had this one on my list for so long! 
Made a straight size 12, which was drafted for a 37" bust (mine was about 36")
At the time I don't think I noticed fit issues as much as I do now, but it is definitely too big on top, especially at the shoulders. The arm movement is slightly restricted, and I think it has to do with the armholes not sitting in the correct place. I have discovered I have very narrow shoulders compared to the rest of me - lol. If I made it again, I would probably do a size 8, drafted for a 33" bust (mine is about 34" now) and do an FBA. 
Also, I remember the instructions / drafting was lacking to finish the bow where it attaches to the neckline at the center front. I made something work but didn't love it and I'm glad the bow mostly hides it.

Fabric: Anna Sui silk print with strawberries / hearts (from stash) @voguefabrics 💗 

This fabric is gorgeous and silky goodness! Love this print SO MUCH! I think I avoid wearing it sometimes because it's too "nice" or "fancy" but life is short! Wear the silk strawberry top!

♥ Sally