Woo-Hoo! A wooly warm wrap coat for winter!! It's squishy! It's warm! It has happy blue owls on the inside! It's already been worn a ton and I know I will enjoy it for years to come. This was a really slow sew - I took my time to make sure it fit and was finished well. The last wool winter coat I made ended up in the donation pile, and I was not going to let that happen again. I've been saving this nubby gray wool coating for ages and I'm so glad I finally used it! :)

Pattern: Seamwork Jill Coatigan

Second time making this pattern (first here). It is heavily modified with large lapels, a full lining, and a tie belt. I was inspired by Beth at Sew DIY to add the large lapels, using this tutorial on the Seamwork website. 

Fit / Adjustments: (Me: 34B / 28W / 43H and 5'11)

Graded from size small at shoulder / bust to a large at hips

Added 5” length to body pieces

Added 2” length to sleeve pieces

Drafted: Large collar front piece, front and back facings, front and back linings

Borrowed tie belt and belt loops from Burda 6462 

Also ended up letting out sleeves 3/4” by using a smaller seam allowance - the arms were a bit tight

For construction, I used prior knowledge of coat making and several online tutorials to figure out how to add the full lining with facing. It took a lot of time and brain power! Lol :) One particularly tricky bit was finishing the coat / hem / etc. I found Jennifer Lauren's sewalong for her Willa wrap coat very helpful.

Fabric: Wool coating,  Rayon and Satin lining

Main - Theory virgin wool coating in charcoal from Mood Fabrics (I got this on a total steal - end of bolt or something? - I paid $18 for all three yards!) It is unevenly nubby on the main side, and I wasn't sure how to work with it, but eventually just decided / accepted that this was how it was supposed to be. Some parts are ridiculously soft and others are rougher - I tried to cut it out so the softest parts were by my neck / face :) I did find the fabric smoothed out / softened after a good steam press (with press cloth, obvs).

Lining 1 (main body) - OWLS! A happy blue owl print rayon challis, left over from making this top for my sister

Lining 2 (sleeves / accent / hang tag) - Ivory kasha satin, left over from making this coat last spring 

So proud that I was able to get the entire lining out of remnant fabrics in my stash! It makes me happy when I see those blue owls peeking out of the squishy gray wool. It's easy to slip on and off with the satin sleeves. I also used the satin for the back facing and made a hang tag, which I debated adding but OMG I use it all. the. time. I especially love the little label, which incorporates all three fabrics! If you lift the "Made by Me" tag (Sarah Hearts), you'll see I embroidered my name and the year! Thanks, Theodore :)

After a month or so of wearing it, if I could change anything it would be the pockets - they are perfect when it is open, but when it is wrapped and tied it can be tricky to get my hands in them... and then what even is the point?! However they are such a great shape and size! Love everything else about this coat. It went from forgotten fabric in my stash to something actually wearable and amazing! It is super warm and cozy and will be worn for many winters to come :) 

♥ Sally