Belated Christmas pants!! Yes it's January and the New Year, but I made these awesome pajama pants and finally have time to blog about them. Also I have a hard time letting go of the holidays and will drag them out as long as possible to avoid the harsh reality of winter!! Soooo here I am in my NEW pj's next to our beloved Christmas tree (named Señor Chonk Chonk... b/c he is a plumper). 

Fabric: Rifle Paper Co Holiday Lights Metallic Cotton Fabric in Navy (link)

This time it was the fabric that started it all. Waited a whole year before buying it but grabbed some before it sold out. Originally was going to make a dress but I could only find two yards and that would be a short (read: cold) dress. Enter idea 2: pajama pants! Every year at school before the holidays we have a pajama day and I've never had anything Christmas themed... but no longer! These were perfect to wear to bed, roll out of bed, drive to school, teach all day, drive home, lay on couch, get into bed again, goodnight sir.

Since I only had two yards, I had to be extremely clever to fit all the pieces on the fabric. Magically the stripes lined up where they needed to. I used the selvedge edge as a "feature" inside the waistband and cuff hems. I only had a small handful of scraps leftover - whew! As stressful as it is, puzzling out how to squeeze a pattern onto way less yardage successfully is one of my greatest joys in life. 

And let's not forget yet another great Inside Voices Label - I did try very hard and I was indeed tired 

Pattern: Simplicity 2061, View D

This is my second go at these pajama pants - the first one (blogged here) was also for a school pajama day, and also sewn the night before! 

A few changes I made for fit and style:
- Lengthen rise so higher waisted
- Added all over length for tallness (I'm 5'11)
- Full butt adjustment
- Omitted drawstring - just used elastic
- Added cuffs *the original design appears to have cuffs but it is just a ribbon sewn on the continuous pant leg. Mine is a separate piece, mainly because I wanted...
- TRIM! Red-orange bias tape at the pockets and cuffs. I was originally going to use piping but could not find a color I liked. This double fold bias tape did the job, and I like it even better!

In conclusion, these are great pants that I will wear the heck out of one month of every year! Hahaha - oh, and the music t-shirt is from Ravinia - just to happened to coordinate perfectly ;) Wishing you the happiest NEW YEAR and hoping you can drag the holiday cheer out for as long as possible! Lol - thanks for reading!

♥ Sally