A happy accident: I made this billowy poppy print Roscoe blouse with short sleeves! It wasn't the original plan, but while cutting it out, I sliced through the sleeve piece. Spent hours trying to figure out a way to make the longer sleeve still work before giving up and just settling for short sleeves . . . which I actually love!

Pattern: True Bias Roscoe Blouse - short sleeve "hack"

Size 0 - After reading other reviews, I sized way down - my bust is 34" and I have narrow shoulders, so the smaller fit was right on.

Fabric: Rayon Challis "Poppy Memories" print - red orange flowers on navy blue background


Sewn February / March 2023

Tag added b/c I finished it while quarantined home with Covid, agaaaaain :(

Gathers on each side are a bit uneven - not noticeable to anyone else, but something to look out for next time! 

And I definitely want to try a button up hack version next! It's a really comfortable shirt and not too difficult to make, as long as you don't accidentally chop off the sleeve - lolol.

♥ Sally