Alas, my favorite comfy lay around the house jogger sweatpants are on their last leg (lol pun intended). I've worn them so much the last several years and now they are getting threadbare. After an unsuccessful search for comfy pants that were soft, long enough, and didn't cost an arm and a leg (another pun - sorry), I decided to just make some with fabric from my stash from long ago. Originally it was destined to be the True Bias Hudson Joggers, but when I compared that pattern with this one from Simplicity, the fit already looked like it would work better for me. 

Pattern: Simplicity 2061, made before in a woven fabric here and here

Adjustments this round included a 2" higher rise, a 1" full butt adjustment (need even more next time lol), and extra length at the hem, maybe around 3" (added 5" but cut off a chunk lol)

Debated a jogger style hem or straight leg hem (see below). Went the straight route so they cover the tops of my sneakers when I'm walking around outside in the cold - lol :)

Fabric: Blue french terry knit fabric

Label: Inside Voices Labels (she has the best labels)

Sewn March-April 2023
♥ Sally