So this is the jacket I started working on in Spring 2011 - now, the day before my birthday (Oct 8), I finally finished it.  It is the same EXACT jacket pictured on the cover of the pattern of Simplicity Lisette 2209:

I usually don't copy the exact design (I mean really, isn't that the point of making your own clothes) but this jacket was so cute.  I love yellow - so happy!

So why did it take so long?  After several frustrating attempts at sewing the collar on the right way (not upside down or inside out - not sure what was wrong with me that day) I quit on it.

Had I looked at the directions, I would have realized that all I needed to do to complete the jacket was add the button.  ONE BUTTON!  Not even button holes. Anyhow, I finally finished it and here it is :)

And some poorly lit pics of me modeling it in the bathroom mirror (classy... I know).  In any case, it's cute and I can't wait to wear it around!