My newest creation :)  The plaid half circle skirt!  I have had this fabric for a loooong time - I bought it from Joann's awhile ago from the "Fall Suitings" section b/c I loved the colors: black/gray/plum - it went with half my wardrobe!  After I bought it, though, I didn't know what to make with it - it was too thick/heavy for a dress and so it sat in the box.  A few weeks ago, I saw this post on four square wall's blog and I knew... I had to make it into a half circle skirt!

Although there were all these tutorials on how to draft your own with math and things, I was feeling lazy so I just bought a pattern - Simplicity 2758 - a Threads pattern for two kinds of shirts and three skirts, including the half circle skirt - for $1.  It was worth it.  It took about two seconds to cut out the pattern and the skirt (only two pieces) and put them together.  The trickiest part to the skirt for me was the invisible zipper, since I have never done one before and figured this was the perfect opportunity.  It was going great... until I realized it was completely wrong, and in the process of trying to fix it, burned the zipper with the iron, rendering it useless and putting my project on hold until the next day when Joann's opened.  Haha!  Let's just say the second attempt at the invisible zipper installation went MUCH smoother, thanks to the Threads Sewing Guide which I got from the library, and will probably buy (seriously, it has had an answer to every single question/problem I have had).  My process was a combination of the Threads method, a tutorial online, and just trial and error.  I actually used a regular zipper foot, and it was super easy!

Front View
Back view
Sassy Front View :)
Side/Back view

The skirt up closer - love the colors!  don't love the weird hip lump caused by my duct tape mannequin... lol

My first invisible zipper!!!  Pretty invisible, eh? :)