Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Sewing Space

Today I am going to show you my new sewing space!  I haven't really sewn anything since we moved into our new house, except the black and white polka dot dress.  This is mainly because for the past several months, the sewing room looked like it belonged on an episode of Hoarders.  When we moved it became the "put everything in there until we figure out where it goes" room, hence no sewing.  But FINALLY over Christmas break, I was able to get the last of the stuff moved and my new sewing space all set up.  I was so proud of it (especially the fact you could see the floor) that I decided to take a few pics to share :)  It also helps that I just got a new camera for Christmas that makes everything look good!

The illustrious bookshelf!  On top is a lamp (weird ribbon - don't ask) with  print of a painting done by a friend, tools always on hand.  The shelves contain other sewing notions, my small library of books, boxes of patterns and fabric, and my trusty old iron.

A nice large work space!  Is that an upcoming Sewaholic pattern I see?  :)

Thank goodness for this closet!  My stash of fabric, the mending box, projects ranging from "finished" to "just in my head", as well as my good old custom duct tape dress form :)  At least it matches the black and white motif!

After looking at the pictures, I realized something needed to go on the big empty wall.... enter my soon to be filled inspiration board!  So there you you have it :)   What kind of space do you sew in?
UPDATE POST:  Sewing Room Mods

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