Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Hanging Pattern Clips

Splendid to see you! Today I have a little tip for all you sewists out there on how to hang/display your patterns that are in use, or in the "queue". I don't know about you, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the potential projects in my pattern/fabric stash and I thought it would be nice to display the patterns and fabric swatches for projects I am ready to make! Originally I was just going to add this to my little mood board, but there was not enough space, and I didn't want to put little holes in my nice pattern envelopes, or holes in the wall - lol. So here is my solution to the problem: DIY clothespins as pattern hangers / clips!

1. Gather supplies: everyday scissors, plain wooden clothespins, 3M mounting strip, Scotch Expressions Magic tape
2. Tear a strip of scotch tape as long as your clothespin - cut in half lengthwise to conserve tape :) Apply to clothespins
3. Cut 3M strip in half lengthwise
4. Affix 3M strip to back of clothespin, in the middle
5. Remove "wall" side of 3M strip and firmly press clothespin on wall - hold for 30 seconds
6. WAIT 24 hours for 3M strip to really grip wall before hanging anything from clothespins

You're done! Hang your favorite patterns with a fabric swatch ideas :)

So what do you think? A useful tip? How do you display or organize your patterns that are in the queue?I have six clothespins up so far and they work great! Speaking of clothespins, I have another sewing space tip already planned, and there may or may not be a giveaway involved ;) Watch this space!

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