Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Sewing - The Briar Tee

Every now and then on Sunday, I wake up with the crazy urge to sew something to wear to church... that morning... in a couple hours. Now granted, we go to the lazy late service that doesn't start until 11:15, but still! It's like a self-inflicted project runway challenge on a day that is supposed to be restful. So this morning I wake up and this stash knit basically threw itself into my arms!

I had already planned on using this knit for a pull-over sweater and I thought Megan Nielsen's Briar Tee would be a good fit! I had made a "muslin" once before of the cropped version, but it was so short on me I didn't even bother finishing it - makes for a nice sleep shirt :)  I whipped out my tracing paper and added the length for the long version, as well as the longer sleeve.  This fabric was ridiculously finicky, but thankfully I have my rotary cutter and mat, so it was not so bad.

Within a couple hours I had traced / cut / sewn everything but the hem - whoops! time to go - so I wore it un-hemmed to church. The hubs gave me a "That's cute... is it finished?" I WEAR WHAT I WANT! Who needs to hem knits, amirite? So what if this *special* sweater knit was shedding tiny fuzzies everywhere! After church, and lunch, and a nap, I finally hemmed it, snapped some pics, and here it is! Almost a one-morning project.... almost....

Here are the specs:

Pattern: Megan Neilsen Briar Sweater and T-shirt

Size: XS - bust, S - waist, XL - hem

My Shape: Tall (almost 6'0), pear shape, narrow shoulders, long torso

Fabric: Striped Sweater Knit - delicate weave - very light/sheer

Size Alterations:

- As mentioned above, graded from XS at top/bust to a S at the waist and to an XL at the hem
- Added almost 2" length to the top: probably didn't need to, especially in the back, but it makes for a very cute, almost dress-like style
- Added about 2" length to 3/4 sleeves - these are perfect :)
Edit: I also narrowed the sleeve towards the wrist - I hate baggy sleeve ends :/

Design Changes:

- None!

Construction Notes:

- Used both zigzag stitch and serger
- Finished neckline with neck band (the pattern also included option for neck binding)
- Tried a new technique for sleeves:
Before sewing side seams, pin and sew the flat sleeve head to the flat armscye, THEN stitch the sleeve seam and side seam in one long go. This worked SO well! I cannot believe I have never tried this before! Gillian has a cute illustration of this on her blog: Crafting a Rainbow

The Verdict: Love this pattern! Not quite as loose-fitting as I expected, but that is a-o-kay! I actually like the longer length, and the slight flutter of the hem. The fit up top is so nice, and the neckline is the perfect shape - if when I make it again, I might make the hem less dramatic, but for this look it works quite nicely. It almost has the feel of a tunic/dress, hence the curtsy - inspired pose below :)

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