Saturday, March 1, 2014

Renfrew Mini Dress and Giveaway Results

Hi friends! Happy March :) I hinted in my last post about a TNT make that I was working on, and here it is: my Renfrew turned mini dress! Originally I wanted to make a Renfew / Lady Skater cowl neck mash up dress like Sarah, but this fabric did not have great drape for that cowl - it looked like a piece of paper crumpled up on my neck - lol. I also wasn't planning on it being a mini dress but the inside is so warm, fuzzy, and incredibly clingy that I knew a knee length dress would just get stuck in the most awkward places - hahaha :) 

This year I've been really trying to make sure I only make (and buy) clothes that fit into my wardrobe and I will actually wear. It's been pretty successful so far - I have really enjoyed the wardrobe and fashion posts spinning around the blogosphere. Really makes you think about your choices in creating and dressing - styles, shapes, colors, etc. This simple mini dress fits nicely into my current closet - I love this length and also that it's a different style than my Plantain tunique. I have nothing in my closet this color, but I really like it - plus, it matches this adorable plaid / floral scarf perfectly!

Here are the details:

Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew Tee, modified

Size: 8

My Shape: Tall (6'), pear shape, narrow shoulders, long torso

Fabric: Hatchi Sweater Knit in Fuschia from Joann Fabrics (Red Tag - just saw some more today :)

Size Alterations:

- None! Fits great :)

Design Changes:

- At a sort of "dropped waist" length, I added a gathered mini skirt made out of rectangle-ish-pieces of fabric - this was all very haphazard and slapdashadly (my new word) put together, so apologies for lack of notes here ;)

Construction Notes:

- Sewn with sewing machine and serger
- Neckline and sleeves finished with bands, skirt hem turned under and topstitched
- This fabric is pretty bulky, so I actually trimmed it down very close to the stitching at the neckline and sleeve cuffs so I wouldn't have any bulk - looks good, just hopes it is stable enough to last :)

And one more random picture that I took while writing this post so you can see how it looks full length:

Yay Mini-frew! :) And now for the SEW GRATEFUL GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!! Last year's giveaway had 29 entries - this year it was 72!!! With the help of random number generator, here are this year's winners: 

..................drumroll please.......................

Giveaway #1 - For Seamstresses ... to Kristin Jones

Giveaway #2 - For Fashionistas ... to Meg White

Congrats Ladies! I can't wait to send these goodies your way - please e-mail me your mailing address at thequirkypeach{at}gmail{dot}com by March 8th! Thanks to everyone who entered! Here's to a wonderful March!

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