Hi! Have you heard of the Sew Bossy challenge?? It is the brainchild of two sewing superstars, Heather and Oona, and has had several amazing participants! Essentially two sewing bloggers put together a complete sewing package (pattern, fabric, notions) for each other and send them in the mail. "Surprise! Here's what I picked out for you - now MAKE IT!" :) It's a great way to get out of your comfort zone stylistically, or even technique wise, and at the same time live vicariously through another seamstress! And so I'm here to share what I was bossed to make by the awesome Morgan of Crab and Bee! I love her casual cool west-coast style and was hoping for something to emulate that! I was so excited when this package arrived in the mail:

It included:

- A JACKET PATTERN! YES! Specifically, Vogue 8926
- Linen / Rayon Blend Yardage in a creamy white
- Slate Blue/Gray double fold bias tape, MADE BY MORGAN!
- Matching cotton / silk thread
- A wonderful handwritten note :)

I made View B of the pattern, which features a bias tape edge all around, loose wrap front with tie belt to cinch at the waist, and sleeves that are somewhat angled (not quite raglan, but not quite regular, is there a term for that?) with a dart at the top!

Would you like to see it???


Isn't it cool???? I said, ISN'T IT COOL?!?! It don't think it is something I would have ever picked for myself, but that makes me love it even more! Somehow chic and relaxed while still being flattering and fitted at the waist! And this fabric is delightful to wear, especially with summer heat coming up - the linen is extremely breathable and the rayon adds the perfect amount of softness and drape - great find, Morgan!

This pattern is marked Very Easy Vogue, and I would agree with that, since there are no zippers or buttons but BOY HOWDY the pivoting! Now I have only had to pivot a few times before - on another shawl style jacket that is still in the UFO pile, and on my Victory Ava peplum top (still not happy with that neckline). Suffice to say, pivoting has surpassed bias binding as my ultimate sewing nemesis. And this pattern has three pivot points! One on the collar, and two where the sleeves (with a dart) meet the shoulder seam. This was such a frustrating task - I even went to Instagram to ask for help. Eventually (third attempt? fourth?) I pinned the heck out of it and stitched at snail speed and it turned out okay, but I am not interested in doing something like that again for a long, looooong time :P

Sleeve cap
The collar, hem, and sleeves were all finished with this beautiful gray bias tape, made from a similar lovely fabric by Morgan herself! It was so easy to work with and press, and really makes the jacket a standout! As it is double fold bias tape, the way you sew it on doesn't particularly matter. But if you're picky (like me) just remember the collar flips over and the wrong side shows, so you may want to sew the first bias tape seam on the opposite side for a neater finish.

Bias tape corner
The tie belt goes through a secret opening in the side seam on right side to get the wrap to work correctly. And those ties are crazy long! I actually really like the way it looks left open too, kind of a loose blazer feel, but I'm not sure what to do with the ties if I wore it like that - any creative ideas??? :)

Here they are tied behind me like a tail, but I probably shouldn't walk around like that ;)
And just because I'm proud of it, let me show you the inside:

So fresh and so clean, clean...
Overall I am SUPER DUPER happy with this jacket! It will be a wardrobe essential this summer and it is just so exciting to have something I made, designed by a sewing friend!!!

To see what I bossy bossed Morgan to do, check out her blog post at Crab & Bee (hint hint ;)

And out of complete and total honesty, at some point in the process of making this jacket, I couldn't help but think it reminded just a little bit of....