Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Easy Weekend Cardigan - StyleArc Nina

Hello there! Today I've got some photos of one of the easiest things I have made ever! Haha :) It is a waterfall style front drape cardigan made in a very lightweight knit. Ever since the last thread was snipped, I have been wearing it around (we've had a little cool wave here) and it has taken the esteemed place of "favorite cardi in the closet"

The Pattern: StyleArc Nina Cardigan

I've had this pattern sitting around for almost a year, and I can't believe I haven't sewn it up until just now. Style Arc patterns only come in a single size, and for this I ordered a size 8. After a year, and some body changes, I could probably go with a 10 instead, but thankfully a style like this isn't super size specific :)

It was a very easy sew, no bindings or bands to fuss with, and everything is sewn flat. I did add a sleeve cuff for some extra length, and just because I like how it looks. I also left the neck edges and hem raw because it's a knit and you can do that! And I wanted to wear it, like, NOW!

The Fabric: Navy and Black Striped Modal Jersey from Mood Fabrics

I first saw this amazing knit as a Hemlock on Nettie (SownBrooklyn) and knew I had to have some! I'm a sucker for blue and black combos, and I love this tiny stripe (which you don't have to worry about matching, btw!). An added bonus is that it is 72" wide, so I got this cardigan out of just one yard, with some fabric left over - winning! It is super soft and easy to sew, and lightweight enough to be a great summer cardigan. Perfect especially for eating watermelon...

OH and just a side note, I have been working on an "inspiration wall" in the sewing room, using pages from catalogs (mostly anthropologie) and memoirs and such. I really like how it is looking so far! :) It's like a real life pinterest board - haha :) Do you have anything like this???

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