Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Black Polka Dot Rigel Bomber

Hey friends! The polka dot Rigel bomber jacket from Jacket January has finally made it to the blog :)

A quick timeline:

January 8th - It all begins on a snow day! Pattern cut out, perfect front welt pocket made, and then...
I scorched the dots right off with the iron :'( In frustration, the jacket goes to "the pile" and I turn to more fun things like this dress :)

Mid-January - reluctantly re-do my front piece, including welt pocket - thankfully had enough fabric to recut, but welt pockets take sooo long.

January 29th - Wake up crazy early and decide to finish my jacket before school! Success! And just in time for Rigel Jacket January!  But later that day.... I come home and remove the jacket only to find that it has dyed the underarms and side of my t-shirt blueish-black! >:( Back into the shun pile it goes.

Two weeks later - I decide I have forgiven the jacket and wash it, along with my black polka dot Moneta dress to remove any remaining dye.

Mid February - I finally photograph the jacket, later realizing all the photos are way too dark

Late February - The jacket is re-photographed in slightly better lighting

Today, March 8th - I sit down to write this blog post

Whew.... does this sound familiar to anyone else????? I feel like I used to be so much better at sewing a garment, photographing, and blogging it super quick. Now it takes forrrrreverrrrrrrr

Pattern: Papercut Rigel Bomber, made once before in floral cotton sateen

Fabric: Actually, there are four different fabrics involved in the making of this jacket!

- Black flocked polka dot ponte (also used for my Moneta dress)
- Black cotton ribbing
- Black velvet, for welt pockets
- Plain black ponte knit for pockets

Okay, and now for the crazy part: THIS JACKET HAS NO FACING OR LINING!

That's right! I completely left out the facing and just sewed / serged the zipper and neckband on! To secure the top ends of the zipper, "stitch in the ditch" between the neck band and bodice, catching the zipper top, then trim off the corner that sticks out. If I had thought of it earlier, I would have tuckedthe top of the zipper ends between the neckband before serging. The lower front edges are finished with a serger, then turned and topstitched.

And that's that! I made a size Small, and it fits pretty well. My only real qualm is that when I move my arms around, the hem band slides up and I have to constantly pull it back down. And it usually takes the shirt underneath with it. I don't recall this happening with the ponte hem band as much. It is one of those small annoyances that may deter me from wearing it as much as I might otherwise.

Do you have any small annoyances like this in clothes you've made? Do you overlook them b/c its a handmade garment, or do you avoid wearing it as much as you might?

Thanks for stopping by the quirky peach! Always good to see you here :)

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