My First Pants - SAFRAN by Deer & Doe

I. Made. Pants.

 Pants, yo. Pants.

This is the most proud moment of my entire sewing career thus far.

These are not only stylish and comfortable, but they are an absolute essential in my daily wardrobe. I cannot think of another garment I have made that will get as much wear as these. In the black fabric they are a little dressier, which means I can wear them for school. Teacher life WIN!

I had never given a second thought to making my own pants, satisfied with a drawer full of Loft's tall curvy fit jeans. However, when Deer & Doe offered me the opportunity to review and blog about their new pattern, I had to say yes. I loved the sleek front pockets and curvy high rise shape. And I love the fit of everything else they have ever drafted, so I had a lot of confidence that these would work out. And they did! The directions and illustrations were easy to follow, even that tricky fly. The finished garment looks professional inside and out.

Pattern: Deer & Doe Safran pants, view A

Size: 46, graded to 42 at waist
- Added 3/8" seam allowance at inseams and side-seams - after fitting, removed side seam extra
- Added 1.5" length at hem

Sizing Tips *My full/low hip measurement put me off the sizing chart, but with the stretch denim and a little extra room added at the seams, I had no problem fitting into the top size :) The design favors pear-shaped bodies, so if you are pear-shaped like me try choosing a size based on your high hip measurement instead.

This is a good post on how to take waist / high hip / low hip measurements:

One more consideration - my height (6') means that my high hip falls where an average height person's full hip would, which definitely affects the sizing as well. The standard measurement for waist to hip is 9" long, but mine is 13" - this moves where I need to add wiggle room

Fabric: Designer Black 8oz Stretch Denim from Cali Fabrics (I got the last two yards - sorry!)
Cotton/lycra with 20% 2-way stretch

Now, I know in the last post I committed to an easier, breezier blog style and this post may not seem to follow that ideal. However, these pants deserved a little extra special attention ;) As a compromise, I decided to post lots of pics, but not worry about editing them or scrutinizing the text too much. Baby steps :)

I plan on making another pair of Safrans very soon, with this cute star-print denim.

So, have you ever made pants? If yes, what do you think? If no, what's holding you back? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. and thanks for reading!

❤ Sally

P.S. Remember that one time I made my own pants? :D

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  1. These look great, I'm definitely not going to attempt to make trousers yet but maybe after a bit more sewing experience.