Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jungle January Leopard Skirt

Just in time for Jungle January - a wild new leopard skirt!  Okay, well it's not really that wild, what with its longer length and gray tones... but hey - it's wild enough for me :)

This is the Simplicity 2451 skirt pattern that I previously used for my Houndstooth Mini Skirt.  The main difference is the length - for this skirt, I went with View C instead of D. The longer length is still cute, but a bit more comfortable to move around in.

Some other details of this skirt include pleats in the front, pockets, a vent in the back, and darts along the back. One problem I have encountered with this skirt is that there is some extra poof of fabric between the waistband and where it hits around my hips. It looks like it might need a sway-back alteration, from what I've read, but I'm not sure if I have a sway back?  Anyone else run into this problem?

One other feature of this version is the exposed zipper. I used a great tutorial that I found here on Pattern Runway.  Which reminds me, I am super excited that Project Runway is back on - I think this teams idea is going to lend itself to some excellent drama - lol.  Anyways, there you have it!  Happy Jungle January everyone!

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  1. What a great little shape this has- I love this print as a neutral- brava!