Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Houndstooth Mini Skirt

This might be my favorite thing I have sewed so far!  I was inspired to make this little skirt after seeing a similar one at The Limited for lotsa dolllaz $$$.  I decided I could make one similar, if not cuter :)  I found this fabric at Joann's - the pictures don't do it justice - it is the cutest contrast-y black and white houndstooth.  I used the Simplicity 2451 skirt patten, view D.  Originally I was going to add the tabs and buttons from view B, but once I finished it I decided I liked it just how it was - I can always add buttons later!  I also decided to straighten out the bottom of the waistband from the original design after reading about it in a review - I wouldn't have even thought of it, but I really like the way it turned out.  I had a heck of a time sewing the hem - it kept bunching it up and making the skirt a weird sphere shape... after countless adjustments to the tension and test running it successfully on every fabric except this one, I gave up and hand-sewed the hem.  Thank goodness the print it vibrant and texture-y enough you can't even tell where the stitches are.  YAY!

The best thing about this skirt is that it fits my like a glove around the waist, and glides perfectly over the behind :)  So here is my newest addition to my little fashion sewing collection...

I love black and white :)
Closeup of waistband, pocket, and pleats  (and the cute fabric!)
Modeling in the

Even looks cute on the hanger!


  1. Absolutely fabulous. I have been looking for a good pattern to make a houndstooth skirt as well. This looks like a winner. I like your pairing of your top as well.

  2. nice idea. thanks for sharing...

  3. Gorgeous!!! I have this pattern, but I have yet to cut it out or do anything with it. You're inspiring me! I need new Spring and Summer skirts that look like this! I love the houndstooth, and this looks like it fits really well. Great job!

  4. I'm wondering if you'd be willing to help me with Simplicity pattern 2451. I'm working on version C. I love the one you made. I'm a relatively novice sewer with clothing- I've made a few skirts and sleeveless tops. So I started working on a muslin and I'm stuck at the waist band section. The illustrations don't seem to help at all. I can't figure out how the piece with the interfacing will attach to the skirt and them how to attach the inside yoke portion. Any advice/help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

    1. Hi Helen! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'll try to help if I can :)I totally understand what it's like to be a beginning sewist and try to understand some of those terrible illustrations! This is a great skirt pattern, though!

      First you attach the skirt and the interfaced yoke piece (outer waist band = OWB). Pin the lower edge of the OWB to the upper edge of the skirt, right sides together. The OWB should be pinned along the outside of the skirt. Make sure side seams are matched up. Sew this seam. Trim seam to 1/4" Press seam open or flat.

      Now your skirt should basically look like the finished skirt from the outside. Pin the inner waist band/yoke (IWB) upper edge to the upper edge of the OWB, right sides together. Match side seams. Sew this seam. Trim seam. Press. Turn the IWB to the inside of the skirt.

      Sometime after this (I don't remember if it's before or after the zipper) you will press under the lower edge of the IWB 1/4 inch, pin it to the skirt, and then turn to the outside of the skirt and "stitch in the ditch" - that means sew in/along the OWB/skirt seam, which will catch the lower edge of the IWB as well, making it nice and finished.

      PLEASE let me know if this was helpful! It's somewhat tricky without pictures - if you are still unsure and would like some pictures, please let me know. I wouldn't mind making another of these skirts - I love this pattern! :)