Saturday, January 19, 2013

The 90 second, 90¢ scarf

I was pretty excited to find this soft, lacy knit remnant at Joanns - sale on a sale, it turned out to be only 90¢ (yes that is a good old fashioned cent sign).  Woo - hoo!  It was 1/2 a yard of fabric - I just sewed the ends together to make it into a lovely infinity scarf (I could wear those every day)!  I love the texture - swear I've seen a scarf like this in the Nordstrom juniors section (b/c who really can afford to shop elsewhere in that store).Yet another good day at the fabric store!

And some more pics, in which it looks like I'm making one of those I can sing every part à la Nick Pitera music videos :)