Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Very Dapper Baby

Hello readers - it's been a bit quiet on the blog this month, mostly due to the fact that I couldn't show you my finished project(s) until today!

My gorgeous friend Candice had her baby shower today - this is the first "my age friends" baby shower I have been to (weird...!) and I wanted to make something ├╝ber cute for her little baby boy.  A while back she showed me a picture of a baby onesie that had a vest sewn onto it - it was a tutorial from the blog B is for Boy Creations.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make one... or two.... or three...

24 months
12 months
6 - 9 months
This was one of the most fun and adorable projects I have ever made!  I purchased packs of onesies in  three different age groups, and used men's suits for the vests.  The great thing about using suits is that you have the main fabric, coordinating lining fabric, and coordinating buttons all in one!  And you only need ONE SLEEVE to make a vest - how adorable is that?!

In any case, they were very well received! A few of the shower attendees with babies of their own threatened to make off with them :) The shower was absolutely lovely - burlap, yellow and white polka dots, and classic Winnie the Pooh decor was perfect for a baby boy!

And about that "wrapping paper" - instead of buying a gift bag or paper for muchos money, I just bought a yard of this very cute bicycle snuggle flannel for $2 and hemmed it into a blanket / burp cloth / diaper / rag / whatever - wrapped the vests inside and secured with a rick rack ribbon and safety pin - all in all a successful shower :)


  1. I love these vests! My boy is now 5, so I won't be able to use the idea for him, but I will have to keep the idea for other people's babies. And the shower theme with burlap and yellow is very nice ... something other than pink and blue is always fun.

  2. That was SUCH a lovely gift! Just adorable! You're very thoughtful.

  3. I met your mom yesterday at a craft show here in Columbus (I also sew baby items and am pregnant with my first - a boy) and she shared your blog with me including the vest onesies. They are adorable! I will be making a few of my own as well.