Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sneak Peeks and Snacks

Hello friends! After picking myself up after yesterday's major flop with the shiny blue Pendrell, I thought I would show you a few new things I am working on.

First up, a new skirt, with a taupe-ishy pink gabardine fabric (it frays/sheds like CRAZY) and gray-ish buttons, using a modified Simplicity 0466 pattern. If I can finish it successfully, I'm hoping to post a tutorial on how to add a button down front to a skirt pattern).

And second, a Cation Designs Dolman Sleeve top (inspired by the super cute one at Craft Sanctuary).  This would be my first PDF pattern and I am really excited to try it! You can't lose when it's free, and this one has cute cats everywhere!

So that's all for today friends! Hopefully I will have some new blog posts for you soon... until then, keep sewing, and maybe try this delicious new snack I discovered:  one squeeze of this Walnut Creek (from Amish Country) Peanut Butter Spread on any cracker (I had some snowflake shaped Ritz) and you have your own DIY nutter butters! I may or may not have been munching on these all day...

1 comment:

  1. OOooo I like that fabric! It's a really nice winter color, especially with the buttons. Good luck with the dolman top :)