Monday, March 11, 2013

Faux Button Down Skirt

Today for your viewing pleasure, the faux button down skirt:

Pattern: Simplicity 2226, second version

Fabric: Pink / Taupe / Gray Gabardine Suiting

Changes:  Like my first version, I omitted the belt loops and tie. I wanted an easy a-line skirt with pockets, which I could pretend was a button down.  The buttons were actually intended for a different skirt (which is now in the scrap pile) but they matched this fabric perfectly!

Thoughts: I really like the feel of this fabric, although it frayed like crazy.  The color is also very nice - perfect neutral for the colder months and layering.  My issue with the finished skirt is that I still can't get the idea of drapes / curtains out of my head - I don't know if it's the texture / pattern or the sheen.  I would love this color more in a heavy twill or some other matte bottom weight fabric.  In any case, I love the buttons and will wear this skirt more because of them :)

HOW TO create a faux button down placket:

This skirt front pattern piece was intended to be on the fold. To create my faux button placket, I placed the pattern's "fold" edge 2.5 inches away from the actual fold of the fabric. I cut it out with this extra length in the middle, then cut the front piece in half along the fabric fold line.

To put it together, I simply folded under 1" on each front middle edge and then placed the pieces so they overlapped in the middle 1.5".  I matched this up with original front piece to make sure I didn't add any extra width, then sewed two straight lines 1.5" apart down the middle, creating my fake button placket.

You could always just sew two straight lines down the middle of an existing front piece, but I wanted mine to look like it was actually overlapping :)

So there you have it! A finished garment... during play season... what is going on here?!?  Usually March is when I fall off the sewing bandwagon due to all the stress from directing a musical with my after school drama club.  However, this year I have tried to be very consistent in making room to sew for fun in my limited free time :)  It helps that I have committed to some very fun sewing challenges that are coming up soon, including the 1940's Sew for Victory Challenge.

Speaking of that, I had showed a little of what I was planning for my 1940's dress in my previous post.  I have changed my idea, however (big surprise in the sewing world). I decided the purple strawberry print was just too cute to only be half a dress. I decided to save it to make into a dress of which it will be the featured fabric on top and bottom! Perhaps my new Colette Macaron pattern would work :)

Anywho, I got a new fabric to make the top half of my 1940's dress, and I really like it:

It is gray with white, purple, and pink graphic dots.  I think it will be adorable with the dark purple contrast skirt and buttons! Can't wait to cut it out this week!


  1. I am really into your skirt. This is the exact skirt I've been wanting to make but I couldn't really get it straight in my mind until I saw your pictures. So thanks for the inspiration!

    And I love your library photo shoot. You should take all your blog pictures at different places in the school.

  2. Oh, I love this- really button front skirts always give me weird gappy pouching when I sit- best of both worlds with yours!

  3. Very cute! You could wear it so many ways! Great choice of location for your photo shoot too (but I'm not biased in any way, haha). Also I love your fabric for your 40's dress and I can't wait to see it!

  4. I just found your blog and I love it!!
    I love your dresses and what you make :)
    Keep on going!