Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boxers for the Hubs

Confession time - in my three years of sewing many many projects for myself, and a few for others, this is the FIRST finished project I have made for my very own hubs :(  Wah - wah.  However, can I say there have been two attempts, so it's not all bad.

I once tried to make him pajama pants... yeah, those are still a UFO. And I cut out a button down shirt for him, only to realize the fabric had some sparkle in it. Yeah, he's not wearing a sparkling shirt, unless it's made of mithril

But back to the boxers - isn't this the most awesome print?!

A month or so ago I met up with fellow sewing blogger Mari from Disparate Disciplines at a fabric shop/school in Chicago called The Needle Shop - it is super cute! We both found fun fabrics and agreed to make boxers out of them for our guys :)

Apologies for the major case of hair in face. Instead look at all the cute fabric!!!
Of course, she had sewn and  blogged about them within days... me, not so much. However, due to super motivation from my Spring Break Giveaway Challenge I pulled it out and whipped these up in an hour or so.

I used Simplicity 2741, mostly because it was $1 and I would rather pay money than do the math of drafting my own boxers pattern - and it was only one pattern piece. I made size medium, which fit pretty well - I did have to shorten them, which was fine b/c I only had 1 yd of fabric anyways.

My big mistake was not remembering that this fabric has a one directional print when I cut it out.... but who says it has to be one direction - maybe some of the bunnies prefer hanging upside down.  I also accidentally cut through the fabric with the serger I'm still learning how to use, but oh well! We'll pretend that's an embroidered L - for "Love" right?  No one's going to be looking anyways :)

Speaking of embroidery, I just won an amazing giveaway from Juli at Sweet Little Chickadee - it's a whole set to get started with embroidery! Along with the thread, needles, and scissors, I chose a tea towel and the pattern "Chinatown" since the hubs and I get Chinese takeout at least once a week :) I can't wait to try it out! Thank you Juli!

And speaking of giveaways, this is your last chance to enter my Spring Break Fabric Giveaway Challenge! The final count of sewn projects is FOUR! (technically, I finished these boxers on April 1st) Click on the link above to go to the post, where you can enter to win some fun fabrics. Thanks for all the encouraging comments along the way - I'm proud to have finished all I did!

And keep an eye out for another make for the hubs coming soon! Whaaat? I know. I must really love him. Two whole garments :)


  1. Very very cute fabric!! And oh well, he can look down and one side of his boxers will be the right way to him at least! hehe.

    1. Hahaha - that's what I told him! Although he probably wouldn't care if I had sewn them wrong side and right side - guys... lol :)

  2. I need to make something for my hubby soon.....