Monday, April 8, 2013

Chicago Meet-Up

On Easter Eve, five Chicago area sewing bloggers met up for some fabric shopping and chit chat in the northern Chicago suburb of Evanston.  It was lots of fun! Everyone wore something they had made themselves, and we were even getting compliments from other customers in Vogue :)

Left to Right: Gail from Today's Agenda, Debbie from Makizy Sews, Lisa from Polda Pop, Mari from Disparate Disciplines, and me :)

We perused the wonderful bolts at Vogue's Fabrics for quite awhile - here are my finds:

Hunter green stretch lace - matches a cotton knit I have in my stash - I'm thinking lacy t-shirt :)
Navy blue rayon something - super light and silky - only $3//yd!
Coral cotton fabric - labeled "Special Potpourri"? It's two layers of fabric woven together!
Avacado green stretch sweatshirt fleece (the inside is cobalt blue!)

The sweatshirt fabric has already been sewn up into something amazing I hope to show you soon! 

And the coral fabric was a perfect find for my Mad Men Challenge 2 dress:

I'm thinking a Megan Draper mash up, or a "What Would Megan Draper Wear" dress, based on the following three looks:

Definitely more spring-time appropriate than my previous idea! And coral is one of my favorite colors!

At our meet-up, Mari and I also spent awhile hunting through the assorted buttons box - they were $1 a cup! It was like a treasure hunt, digging to find matching buttons! Here's my booty: (probably shouldn't say that on the internet)

Arrrggh! My faves would be the pink mtn goat, the anchors, turquoise squares, and yellow/white buttons!
After we were all shopped out, we walked down to the Brothers K cafe for some refreshment and conversation! All in all, a very fun day and I hope we can have another one soon!


  1. Lovely coral fabric, looking forward to seeing your creation!

    1. thank you! I really wish I knew exactly what it was so I could find more of it :)

  2. Sally - it was great to meet you! I can't wait to see how your Mad Men Challenge dress turns out.

    1. You too! I'm so glad I met you, and found your blog :)

  3. It was great to meet you, Sally! And it's really fun to see all your buttons spread out - you found some good stuff!

    1. You too! I forgot how many buttons I found too! Mari and I really did some major digging :)

  4. Just finding your blog from Mari's. Love everything you make! Great fabric choices, too. I really should have more buttons. I mean, I have buttons but never what I need and never enough.