Friday, September 6, 2013

Anthro Copy-Cat Striped Peplum Top

Pattern: Simplicity 2209 Lisette Passport Dress (Modified to knit top)
Fabric: Ivory/Black Vari-Stripe Ponte Knit (other colors available) - Gorgeous Fabrics

Hi there readers! If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may remember when I posted my plans to copy-cat this striped peplum top from anthropologie - well it is finally complete! I really like my first two peplum tops and they get a lot of wear, but I have to say this is by far my favorite one.

I changed the pattern for this top, as the McCall's pattern I used for the first two gave me a couple fit issues I wasn't sure how to fix. This is the Simplicity 2209 dress pattern that I shortened to a top. I didn't change anything about the size/fit because this ponte knit fabric is quite stable. I knew this pattern fit me well from these two makes, and I really liked the idea of the stripes with the V pattern darts in the front (something the anthro top did not have ;)  I have to admit, I completely forgot that the original top had vertical stripes on the peplum part of the top until I started to write this post! Oh well, too late to change that now! Besides, I think that may have been a bit much with the directional changes happening in the bodice as well.

Here are the details:

Pattern: Simplicity 2209 Lisette Passport Dress (as top)

Size: 12 (34" Bust) graded out at waist

My Shape: Tall (6'0), pear shape, narrow shoulders, long torso

Fabric: Ivory/Black Vari-Striped Ponte Knit - 1 yard

Size Alterations: None

Design Changes: 

- Shortened dress length skirt to top length peplum
- Raised the neckline and widened shoulder straps a bit

Construction Notes:

- I used the same method to finish the neckline and armholes as it calls for in the pattern - front and back facings with bias tape around the armholes. This is actually the same way the Anthro top was finished (I researched ;) and I figured if it worked for them, it would work for me! 
- I made my own bias tape (WHAT??? First time people!) which was ridiculously HARD because this fabric does NOT press - it was quite the power struggle between me, the fabric, and Dolores (Dolly for short - that's my iron ;)
- On the original top there are actual openings in the straps that the buttons hold closed. However, after making a muslin, I realized the opening was right where my bra straps were! Not ideal, especially for wearing to school, so I decided to forgo the opening and just sew the buttons right on. (Let's be honest, I was also too chicken to cut into my beautifully finished straps and try to press and hand sew those openings with buttons and button loops after all the grief I had with the bias tape)

Overall, this turned out really well! Especially as I had never tried making a woven pattern with a knit fabric OR shortening a dress pattern into a peplum top. There are some other great recommendations on using dress patterns as peplum tops in this post by Suzannah over at Adventures in Dressmaking - check it out! :)

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