Friday, April 4, 2014

A Blue Floral Simplicity 2451 Skirt

Hello friends! 
They say "third time's the charm" and it must be true for this skirt pattern (although I quite like the first time and the second time too, so all three times are charms? That doesn't quite work...)  This is the Simplicity 2451 skirt pattern and I know I'm not alone in making multiples of this versatile design (ahem... Morgan... ahem ;)

Hey look at my smiling mirror face :)
This skirt cute pleats on the front with pockets, and darts for shaping in the back. I have only made Views C and D, the straight or tulip shape, in three various lengths. This one falls right in the middle of the other two. It's almost exactly between the C and D cutting lines on the pattern. It even has a tiny vent in the back! Not sure how useful that will actually be...

Here are the details:

Pattern:  Simplicity 2451 Skirt, View C/D

Fabric: Blue Floral Cotton Sateen, with a bit of stretch I think from Joann's but I don't really remember. I actually cut out and started this dress back in the fall (of '13) and then decided it was too spring-y and waited until now to finish it.... oh brother.

Notions:  9" Metal Jeans Zipper - Blue

Sizing: 14 at waistband (fits perfectly), graded out to an 18ish at the hips?  It started bigger and I took in a bit at the side seams and back darts. 

I have had the weirdest issues with this skirt on the back pieces in the last two versions. There seems to be an excess of fabric between the lower edge of the waistband and where it hits the middle of my bum - I think I need to adjust the dart shape, perhaps to account for the large curve outwards between my waist and bum? I attempted both lengthening and widening the darts, but it didn't exactly fix the problem - any thoughts on the issue?

Design Changes: As in the last two versions, I straightened the lower edge of the waistband. Just folded the pattern piece under so it was less of a curve. Also used an "exposed" zipper instead of invisible or lapped.

Construction Notes: The insides are quite cleanly finished with serged edges :) Skirt is unlined.

And now a few photos where you can actually see the waistband ;)

I would definitely wear this skirt with shirts tucked in or untucked, but this sweater is a bit bulky to go untucked. I imagined wearing these awesome yellow tights with it the whole time I was sewing it, but they turned out darker than I had imagined - super mustard and not so lemon. Oh well! And the striped Keds are a personal favorite - I really love stripes with florals!!! How about you? Any prints you love to pair???

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